How yoga helped me handle alopecia

But as a newbie baldie, I struggled with that acceptance at first.

Before the big shave

Still, I needed to come clean.

I was wrong — of course they cared.

A rush of blood to the (patchy) head

It’s amazing the difference a week makes.

One, two, three….auuuuummmm

It sounds hippy dippy — but it worked!

Attempting to blend in. Not sure it worked…

The deal with Lady Alopecia

How yoga helped my alopecia

Recharging my mental batteries.

Happy habits help…

Love is all around you. Even on the walls.

Because yoga isn’t about feeling happy and zen all the time.

Leading a sunset yin yoga class

Now I’m a yoga teacher AND a proud alopecian!

My shiny head and my fabulous students.

But back in that ashram, I had no idea how far yoga would take me.



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